Friday, 10 March 2017

White Voice Issue No.2

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Wednesday, 8 March 2017

The tragedy of a Woman Blackshirt - the story of Lucillia Reeve

Lucillia Reeve

Lucillia Reeve was born in March 1889 and began her working life as a domestic servant. She was committed to self education and with the encouragement of her mother she went on to work her way through agricultural college. This in turn led to her becoming the land agent for Lord Walsingham’s Merton Estate which covered a great tract of Breckland. She was possibly the first women to hold such a post. Her spirit of independence and honesty came to the fore in the wake of the First World War. She campaigned for a proper war memorial for the dead of the area, instead of just a small wall plaque in the local church. She raised the money from the villagers and on Armistice Day 1919 unveiled a fitting memorial to the sacrifice of a generation.

As agriculture declined in the 1930’s tenanted farms on the Merton Estate fell vacant. At her instigation new enterprises were introduced to make use of the land such as large scale rearing of ducklings for the table. In 1935, she noticed an advert. for a Mosley meeting in Swaffham. She decided to attend with the intention of heckling. Although this is how she began the evening, by the time Mosley had explained his case, she was entirely won over. She joined the Blackshirts and by 1937 was adopted as British Union candidate for South West Norfolk.
The following year she took on one of the estate farms. One of her farming methods was to twice plough in the weeds with a covering crop as a cheap way to sustain soil nutrients (surely an early example of “green” farming).

Writing in the Blackshirt she drew attention to the men “clad in corduroy trousers and open necked shirts returning from the harvest fields-who were in fact the unemployed miners and factory workers who should be employed making the farm implements needed to restore the land; and who eat meat from the Argentine and eggs from China, because international finance must flourish. My prayers for myself were stopped by a wave of anger that these things should be, and I vowed anew that never should my labours for British Union slacken until we had a restored British agriculture, and all the men should be employed. We have the land, and we have the men, and we must see to it that something is done”.

In May 1940 her house was surrounded by men with guns. An all day interrogation followed. Despite her campaigning for the Mosley Peace Campaign she was not regarded as a threat to national security. As a result she was allowed home. Her pet dog, to which she was much attached, had been stolen by one of the armed guards, no doubt because he thought, that where she was going she would not need it. In 1941 her land was requisitioned for military manoeuvres, and all her work must have seemed in vain.

After the war she had hoped that all would be returned to her. It was not to be. The government decided to make her home, now the Stanford Battle Area, a permanent fixture. The compensation offered by the War Ministry was that of pre-war values, which were derisory. This was the final straw for Miss Reeves and at the age of 61 she took her own life hanging herself in her barn, robbed of all hope.

By Gordon Beckwell (

Monday, 6 March 2017

A New Way Forward For British Nationalism

A New Way Forward For British Nationalism
Eddy Morrison (2016)

I much thought into this 'blueprint' which I am submitting as a real alternate way forward for the WHOLE British Nationalist movement, which, as I write, we are faced with such a multitude of groups each with a tiny handful of activists.
These activists often jump from one group to another, or hold dual or even multiple memberships.
This in a year when we are seeing seismic events internationally and which are all symptomatic in many different ways of finally, a popular backlash against Globalism from the White people of the West, the UK scene is moribund.

I don't want to go into these in detail. Rather I wish to explore the opportunities opening up for White Nationalist real progress.
Donald Trump; Putin; Brexit;Isis; mass 'refugee' influx and more are all in a great mix of hopes and fears cracking open at last the grip that the Globalists through there network of Liberal Oligarchies which pass as our 'democratic' governments.
This backlash importantly is openly coming out against the tyranny of Political Correctness which has been used to beat us down for decades.
Lets agree first on some basic principles.
Stopping immigration and instituting Phased Humane Repatriation.
We CANNOT have one without the other. My concern is that no one has ever to my knowledge, mapped out this policy of phased repatriation. If this is done and dare I say moderation and practicality is used. Then a Phased Repatriation Programme should extend over 20 - 30 years to be practical and to be achievable.
I would again warn against the dropping of Repatriation. It didn't work for Griffin and it will not work again. Our eventual goal must be to come as close to an homogeneous Britain as we possibly can.
Freedom of Speech has been long neglected by Nationalists as a campaign issue.
To my mind representing ourselves as the persecuted for trying to speak the truth about Race is something which many ordinary Britons would be naturally drawn to.
If we are portrayed as the last champions of Free Speech, it will NOT stop the usual nonsense of 'Nazis', 'Racists' etc but these meaningless taunts need to be shown for what they are - meaningless insults parodied
by a Liberal Elite who have no real argument.
To put this into action a good tactic would be to constantly be seeking through contacts at University Free Speech groups to allow us to debate on Campus - and to make as much fuss as possible at the denial of free speech which ensues our applications.
I would further add that we must stop accepting the unwritten injunction of our not being allowed platforms such as Trafalgar Square.
In 2004 I wrote to Ken Livingstone to hold a 'Rights For Whites' rally for the Nationalist Alliance.
Expecting the usual refusal I was thrown off kilter when I got a letter from Livingstone's Secretary giving Mayoral permission!
We received the application forms and it wasn't until I was filling them out that I realised why it was going to be impossible for us to comply.
The GLA demand a Certificate Of Liability Insurance for some 100's of thousands of pounds.
The NA Secretary was Cathy Parker-Brown and I gave her the job of finding an insurer who would issue cover. She contacted scores of insurance companies.
Either we received point blank refusals or premiums which were astronomical.
However, the Square, Hyde Park Corner & places in most British towns and cities do have designated free speech areas which have been buried and forgotten over the years.
Bradford has one in Foster Square and in Leeds it is in front of Leeds Town Hall.
I am not just talking emptily here.
I was the prime mover in getting police and council permission in both Darlington & Dewsbury in the Summer of 1989.
The resultant riots (by non-Whites and Anti-Fa), resulted in a surge of world wide publicity and kick started an almost redundant BNP into a period of astonishing growth after the doldrums of the 80's.
We must propaganda wise move away from incestuous 'forums' and members only meetings - take a deep breath and to use Webster's words 'Kick ourselves into the headlines'.
In 2017 we are back in the 1980's and I firmly believe that it is national actions on this scale (which can be achieved by 20 - 30 activists and some good old British guts), which will propel us again from the doldrums into centre stage. As well as newsworthy publicity stunts as we pulled off in the early NF. (Webster and Kenyatta spring to mind!)
Let us SHOCK the British public into at least awareness of our presence and ideas by achieving as constantly as we can propaganda victories.
As far as political organisation is concerned we must revert back to 1966/67 & enter really meaningful relations for a united nationalist party. Let us encourage to the greatest extent the abandonment of old and ridiculous personal prejudices and show in Unity that we do believe in putting the genocidal racial position we are in aside from any and every personal grievance.
I am trying in my own small way to do this already as can be seen in the last editorial of "The Flame".
The NF, BM, BDP,  & others all need at least to sit down and begin exploratory talks. This in itself will give heart instantly to the general malaise in which White Nationalists are in.
Even those groups who have personnel folk cannot stand must be at least invited to partake in such discussions.
I have little time for example for Paul Golding but if I can achieve anything by putting my hand out to him then I would.
A subsequent unified Nationalist Party would probably attract around 1000 folk. That in itself would be a great beginning.
I also think that we should look carefully at what the AdF are doing in Germany with their mass turn-outs at "Wir Sind Das Volk" marches.
It might be a good thing to set up a broad front 'We are the people" organisation controlled indirectly by the 'New Party'
which is not a registered party; had a low nominal annual fee & to which ordinary White Britons might join rather than the big leap of joining a registered party.
From this 'WATP' group we could draw in recruits into the party proper.
I will conclude by attaching my 'This Time We Win!" article which I believe adequately sets out a strategy and tactics for a real White Victory - BUT first and foremost we veterans must show we believe in it too.
Eddy Morrison (2017)

Saturday, 4 March 2017

"Nature and People are one" Lyrics Eddy Morrison Music Neil McIvor

When Nature and People were one

Eyes shining bright in the Sun's light
When Nature and People were one
Listening to the forest at midnight
That's how our people began

Racing the salmon at day's break
Leaping with joy through the streams
Listening to Skalds in the days wake
Sleeping as one with our dreams

Standing so proud in the shield-wall
Knowing our gods watched to see
Their people so fearless of death's pall
Valkyrie taking our fallen and free

Gathering as one at the Solstice
Giving a life to the Sun
Watching the blood on the sax knife
When Nature and people are one

Now are the days of our weeping
Gone are the days of our sons
Deep in our blood they are sleeping
'Til Nature and people are one

Waiting our time for the horn sound
Lifting our weapons of war
Shoulder to shoulder we are bound
Gods wakened again from their Tor

One day we will stand proud and strong
When people and Nature are one

Eddy Morrison (2017)

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Churchill, the Jews and the Second World War, by Richard Edmonds.

Churchill, the Jews and the Second World War, by Richard Edmonds.
Why are white people so demoralised ? Only a really demoralised people would tolerate so dumbly the massive and heartless betrayal committed against them by the vicious, shameless and useless party-politicians. At the recent Hull meeting organised jointly by the National Front and the British Movement, NF member, Richard Edmonds, said the two world wars have knocked the stuffing out of the White race. Look at all the names, British names, on war-memorials from one end of this country to the other. The names of those men who marched away never to return. Those men were betrayed. When you look at modern Britain, you know that those men died for nothing. They were betrayed by the party-politicians.

The dedication to the Fallen of the two world wars inscribed on the War-memorial at Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire reads: “We gave our todays, so that you might have a tomorrow.” But we who come after, we know that our Tomorrows have become a nightmare, a multi-racial, multi-criminal nightmare, where we are becoming a minority in our own cities, and where white children, under-age girls are raped, sexually abused, and sold into prostitution for years and years and years by the vile criminal grooming gangs right across the North of England with impunity and in full knowledge of the authorities.

We have been betrayed. The politicians have betrayed us. Those men who march away from every town, city and village in this land never to return were betrayed. They died for nothing. At the Hull meeting, Richard Edmonds spoke to expose those who wanted and who agitated and pushed for a second world war just twenty years after the first mindless bloodbath. Almost a million British soldiers were killed in the First World war: a wicked waste of good men's lives. Two million German soldiers, a million French soldiers, several million Russian soldiers and hundreds of thousands of American soldiers: all good white men; and nobody can give you a justification for that first murderous world war

Question: So how then did we get a Second World War just twenty years after the First ? The vast majority of British folk certainly did not want a second war. So who did want another war ? Who schemed and who agitated and who against all the wishes and the interests of the great majority got their second war ?

First off, the British politician and perhaps the only prominent politician who wanted a second war was Winston Churchill. Churchill was almost unique among British politicians at that time in campaigning for a Second World War. But Churchill was not alone in wanting the destruction of Adolf Hitler and his Germany. Out of sight to most people were powerful and wealthy Jewish individuals who saw war as a means to destroy the Germany that they hated. These powerful and wealthy Jews saw Churchill as the man to bring about the war against Adolf Hitler that they so desired.

In the 1930s, in the years before the outbreak of the Second World War nobody wanted another war; effectively nobody in Britain, nobody in France, nobody in Germany or in the USA, and nobody in Russia outside of the sinister Bolshevik-Communist clique around Josef Stalin ensconced in the Kremlin. Churchill in the 1930s was politically and socially isolated, but he found backers and supporters in wealthy and powerful Jews. David Irving in his book, Churchill's War part 1, writes of Churchill that “he sold his soul to a syndicate of politicians and financiers”. Irving then proceeds to name those to whom Churchill sold his soul: Sir Robert Waley-Cohen, chairman of the Shell oil company and vice chair of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, donated fifty thousand pounds to Churchill's campaigning for a repeat war against Germany. Irving writes that Churchill received further substantial financial contributions from Jewish individuals; Irving gives the example of Sir Henry Strakosh, a Jewish gold-mining industrialist based in South Africa, who “lend” Churchill twenty thousand pounds. These were colossal sums of money. At that time at the height of the 1930s world-wide economic slump, a man who was lucky enough to be in full-time employment might be earning two pounds a week; the pound having a much greater purchasing power then.

This Jewish backing of Winston Churchill was, of course, a closely guarded secret only revealed decades later by the researches of David Irving and others. But in parallel other powerful Jews openly called for war: within a few weeks of Adolf Hitler being appointed German Chancellor, the wealthy American Jew, Samuel Untermeyer, led a campaign which the British Daily Express newspaper (of 24. March 1933) reported with its notorious headline: “

In those years the British fascist, Arnold Leese, was an active campaigner against the coming Second World War. Leese exposed in his book, The Jewish War, the machinations and intrigues of powerful Jews to bring about that war. Leese can be regarded as the mentor, teacher and advisor to Colin Jordan and John Tyndall. Amongst the many quotations and sources that Leese produces in his expose, he gives the following, from the Jewish news-paper the American Hebrew. The edition of this newspaper of June 1938:The American Hebrew made this prediction a full year before the commencement of hostilities:

“The forces against Adolf Hitler's Germany are being mobilised [that's our soldiers, they are talking about]. A combination of England, France and Russia [Josef Stalin's Soviet Union] will oppose the crazed Fuhrer.” The American Hebrew continues, “Either by accident or design, a Jew has come to the position of foremost importance in each of these nations, England, France and Russia. In the hands of non-Aryans lie the very lives of millions [of Gentiles]. The American Hebrew concludes: “ When the smoke of battle clears away and the man who played God , the swastikered Christus, is buried in a hole in the ground, a trio of non-Aryans will intone a requiem, standing proud, militant and aggressive, 'Elie, Elie, Elie'”. From the American Hebrew published a year before the outbreak of war. This quote and many others can by found in Leese's book.

                                 F I N I S.

Monday, 27 February 2017

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Saturday, 25 February 2017


By Eddy Morrison

We are being strangled in a deluge of legislation! The liberal-democrats knee jerk reaction to any and every problem is to pile on new laws. A good example of this was the Hungerford shooting incident many years ago but still a prime example.             
. Terrible as it was, it brought in a whole barrow load of draconian laws to further curb anybody and everybody from even looking at a gun – for whatever reason, sport and self defence went out of the window. Everybody suffers because of one psychopath’s actions. Again after the September 11th attack on the Twin Towers, the NOW/ZOG have used this an excuse to push through even more and amoral legislation all in the name of preventing terrorism. The list is endless. The underlying cause however is the same – the Liberal Consensus make a mistake – be it law and order, terrorism or race – they have screwed up – and instead of talking the real underlying problems – they react hysterically with bad and damaging legislation all designed to further curtail the freedom and liberate of the individual.

There is therefore a darker side to this. The powers that control our government will use anything to tighten the screws on our liberty as free Britons. Nowhere is this more profound than in the area of ‘race relations’.

Immigration, integration and multi-racialism have been an unmitigated disaster for Great Britain. It has damaged our society almost irreparably and causes untold misery and misfortune to all the racial groups caught in the tornado of a multi-racial experiment gone wrong. Ethnic groups are artificially forced together. Cultures and traditions are destroyed. Heritage and identity – again of ALL races is being subsumed in a gross and dangerous Liberalist experiment. The immediate culprits are the White Liberal consensus, which runs the UK, whatever party they come from. Race is swept under the carpet and although they, and the British people know that the whole thing is a cataclysmic disaster of untold magnitude, they will not only NOT tackle the basic problem – multi-racialism has failed – they won’t even admit it exists!

They lay the blame on us, the White Nationalists, and also on some abstract notion of “Institutionalised Racism”. The true criminals in causing racial hatred in the United Kingdom are the politicians of the Old Party System. The Race Laws state that anybody LIKELY to do something, which could cause racial hatred, can be prosecuted. What is more likely to stir up racial hatred than forced integration and uncontrolled immigration? So the men and women who should be charged under their very own laws are the Liberals who allowed this situation to develop in the first place.

I do not hate other races. I think it is a negative thing. I understand how hatred can grow because we are getting a massive clash of cultures which is leaving Whites, Blacks and Asians in culture shock -–nobody wins and everybody suffers. However, I digress – what of the Race Acts and Public Order Acts?

The Race Acts and Public Order Act (this last act was originally brought in 1936 to crush Mosley’s Blackshirt movement) have gone from strength to strength. So much so that practically anything can fall foul of these truly immoral and terrible pieces of legislation. They are now worded as such that even the mildest discussion on the subject of race or immigration brings on not just the usual quacking of “racist!” but let’s the Race Police in and White Nationalists are hauled off to do stretches at Her Majesty’s leisure.

The most important thing however is the fact that gradually since 1968, when the Race Laws were first brought in, they have been used more and more to suppress our freedom of speech. Indeed, in one notorious trial a White Liberalistic judge made the telling statement – “the truth is no defence” (!!!). So we have come to this, they have come out into the open and using the shaky reasons that it is all in the good cause of ‘preventing racial hatred’, you can no longer speak the truth and or even truly open discuss the absolutely vital issue of race.

As White Nationalists we want to and will discuss and educate the British people on the subject of race and the disaster of multi-racialism. However we are confined to work within a set of ghastly unjust laws which have so many grey areas in them it is often extremely difficult to know if you are breaking the law or not.

So it is of PARAMOUNT importance that we put the legal abolition of the Race and Public Order laws as our premier propaganda agenda. All White Nationalist groups must fight to exert pressure to have the Race Laws abolished by parliament along with the Public Order Act. At the same time we must drive home to the White people of this country how we are tied down hand and foot by being robbed of our freedom of speech and action – and eventually they will even rob us of our freedom of thought. The PC Brigade is already at work on this latter point.

The fight for FREE SPEECH must continue and pick up pace until it becomes an avalanche of protest. The Liberal Consensus – a set of people completely blinded to reality – must be faced with a people completely fed up with their rights and freedoms being curtailed and ended.

Imagine the Race Acts abolished. Imagine what we could really tell the British people about multi-racialism. This will be a long and hard struggle but it must be fought and won. The start must be made by telling the British people – in article such as this, in leaflets, in posters and stickers, in letters to the media, in demos, in petitions and a lot more areas to start that avalanche of protest rolling.

The Race and Public Order laws are an assault on our freedom as Britons. It is a freedom we have fought for centuries to win. Let us join together in a massive propaganda offensive to get these laws legally abolished, so that again TRUTH not LIES can be the watchword of our society.