Sunday, 20 May 2018

Hilarious - Living next door to Ali by Daniel Bostock

Facebook claims another two Nationalist victims

On making enquiries about a good friend and long standing White Nationalist, I am told he has left the fight due to appalling posts on ZuckerBook (sucker book?).
In this case his wife has been accused completely without foundation of being an ex-prostitute, so I can hardly blame them.
They were both NF members and the really bad news is that it was a NF member who told me this
without any suggestion of rectifying the matter.
So Comrade if you read this (as your email is bouncing) - get in touch and lets sort this out.

Saturday, 19 May 2018

We celebrate that Royal Wedding as the nation holds is collective breath!

What a wonderful and diverse ceremony - we should have them in Britain! Don't you think?

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

The Daily Nationalist - Sven Longshanks and Eddy Morrison look at the heady days of the NF

The Battle of Lewisham 1977
16th May Broadcast link - Click here
The history of British Nationalism continues, as Sven Longshanks is joined by Eddy Morrison to look at the role marches and open air public meetings played in the seventies and eighties.

Contrary to popular opinion, violence at public demonstrations can be beneficial, as it guarantees news coverage. Eddy concentrates on two incidents for this episode, the National Front march in Lewisham(1977) which turned into a genuine full scale battle with Antifa and an open air meeting in Dewsbury.

At Lewisham there were bricks and petrol bombs flying and the image that really stuck in the public’s mind, was that of an elderly lady flat out on the road being attended to by medics. She had been hit in the head by a brick for daring to stand up for her country. Masses of public interest and support was generated by this and the National Front had a huge leap in membership after.

Most towns and cities in Britain have designated areas for public speaking that in some cases you do not even have to notify authorities first, such as on the steps of the town halls. Eddy decided to hold a public meeting at one in Dewsbury in July 1989 for the BNP, who nobody had heard of until then. He set up an open air truck with a PA system and let the police know there might be 40 people there. The Left heard about it and sent a letter to the press claiming a koran was going to be burned. This generated masses of publicity and on the day itself, there were 600 Nationalists and an army of Asians rioting and rampaging and setting fire to a pub. The day ended in clouds of smoke, helicopters overhead and CNN reporting the incident on international news. Again, masses of new recruits were gained for the BNP afterwards.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Eddy Morrison

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Jez Turner jailed for 12 months for speaking the truth!

Jez shows his contempt for the CAA by saluting with the quenelle
The hate filled Falter - motivated by political extremes under the guise of that
age old and outwork charge of 'anti-Semitism'
Read his threat on the Twitter posting! Devastating consequences - a direct
call for violence against anyone the CAA hate!
Shut down this pedlar of hate!

(and why not sue me for libel whilst your at it?)

Jez Turner, one of the most active White Nationalists in the land has been jailed for 12 months after a private prosecution by the Hate Organisation - "Campaign Again Anti-Semitism", even though
The CPS originally examined the allegations against Bedford-Turner for five months, but decided in December 2015 a jury was unlikely to convict him of incitement to religious or racial hatred.
“We have agreed that the prosecutor’s original decision not to charge should be reviewed by a more senior lawyer within the CPS,” a spokesman said. “This decision follows the receipt of new advice from counsel concerning the way in which ECHR issues were considered as part of the decision-making in December 2015. It would be inappropriate to comment further on the case at this time.”

Gideon Falter, a Jew and chair of the “Campaign Against Anti-Semitism” (CAA) which has been pushing for the prosecution of Mr. Turner, said the government had shown “complete intransigence” until the last minute: “They’ve waited until the 11th hour to stand down on it. For me this is astounding, because they’ve conceded unequivocally.”
Falter and his Hate Group - the CAA which we have reported to the Charities Commission as a fake charity and to which allegation we have received a reply that they are investigating, were livid and spluttering when the CPS said 'no charge to answer'.
At one the deep pockets of this "charity" hired the cleverest Jewish lawyers and started a campaign of hate and harassment against Jez for expressing his legitimate views.
Well they've got their forty pounds of flesh and succeeded in putting an innocent man into prison.
Jez is unbowed and we will publish more details as they come to hand...
Meanwhile the campaign to get the CAA deregistered as a Charity and reported to the Home Secretary as a group of one race of individuals selectively carrying out a campaign of terror by cash to shut up Free Speech in this country steps up a gear.
This is NOT over!
Eddy Morrison

White Nationalist Number 29 14th May 2018

White Nationalist Number 29 14 May 2018

Saturday, 12 May 2018

England fairest land by the Spinners - Superb!!!

Brilliant song by the Spinners

About the Song
have been writing songs for longer than I care to remember and Postcards Of Life is the internet music umbrella for myself and my children. It may also include other musicians and singers Our home recording studio is our sitting room and is based around a Tascam multitrack, nothing fancy, flashy or expensive. On this song I have not even added any reverb! The sound is not as polished or perfect as you would expect from an expensive studio but every instument is actually played and if there is a mistake, we redo it until we get it right.

Here's To You Sweet England extolls the virtues of our beautiful country and is for those who love England. It was first recorded by the Liverpool Spinners many moons ago.
Incidentally, for those interested, the instruments used are as follows: a 1969 accoustic Gibson Blue Ridge, accoustic Ovation 12 string, Gibson SG electric, mandolin, Irish whistle, percussion and a Roland fantomX for strings etc. I will add the words when I do the YouTube version, including a verse not sung here.

Postcards Of life is strictly internet based and I do not have any association with the music industry or the media as they have tjheir own agenda, usually to further their own careers, whilst I just wish to enjoy writing and recording what I choose. The internet has opened up the world and quite possibly Postcards Of Life may include singers and musicians from around the globe without ever having to meet! In fact, one multi language song is at the translation stage.
I hope you life is going smoothly and thank you for reading.

Radio Aryan Interview with me on Wednesday 9th May 2018